The road less traveled

Educational Highlights

November 01, 1990

'87 Discovered Meditation following inside of a Power Nap!

’91 Attended Hypnosis Society - my first experience with being intentionally guided

into relaxation and into an altered state.

‘92 Miami University- B.S.B.A. Degree in Finance

‘94-‘95 Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado for -C.M.T. -- Swedish, Deep Tissue, N.M.

​'96-01 Massage Therapy Practice

’97 Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon

‘98 Ortho-Bionomy massage course 16 hours

‘98 Massage: Nuero-energetic Response; Don Kipp 32 hours

‘01 Human Cadaver Lab: 6 Day Intensive - Gill Hedley, Somanautics Institute

’05 Monroe Institute - Gateway Voyage program:  one week

’06 & ‘07 Vipassana 10-day silent meditation retreat (2)

'07 Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine School M.A. Acu & TCM

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese (approx. 25% completed)

‘08 Anna Wise Awakened Mind Practitioner Training Program

Bought a one way train ticket to Denver!

August 19, 1994

The best move ever!

Photo by Larry Goodwin, photographer. One of Denver's Best!!

The Acid Test for learning what INTUITION is! and what it is Not!

September 01, 2005

What does Day Trading have to do with meditation and present moment awareness? Everything! well at least in terms of the bigger mind and methodology. In terms of my gifts, my heart, and giving back to the world,....well, that's why I'm teaching guided meditation instead. :-)

For me, Day Trading was always an in depth look at my own intuitive decision making process.

No matter how amazing of a hunch I had...or how correct I thought my intuition was,....(because of course , i was special! possessing special intuitive powers) was clear that the best strategy for success was not to try and guess or predict the future based on my intuitive hunches,  but rather in responding to the information in the moment.

Being present, and working with what is there each moment. This tests your inner confidence, self worth, and frankly is humbling. We just can't out-think the moment!

Thinking and reflecting is important part of learning and in developing skills;  once these basic skills have become second nature,  it seems that a deeper aspect of accessing knowledge that is ever-present in us can express more easily.

Are you able to discern between these four types of information ( rational, emotional, intuitive, and instinctual information) that you base your decisions on?    Do you intuit information accurately? How do you know?

Professional Day Trading at Bright Trading Firm at Las Vegas with team of traders / Addt. Training with Pairco/Rob Freisen

License Series 6, 7: Full time day trading, financial and technical analysis

Designed and implemented predictive models based on correlations of stocks, sectors, markets.

Practitioner Training Program, (Awakened Mind Brainwave Training) Berkeley, CA

September 01, 2007

Enrolled in the Practitioner Training Program with 5 other students from all over the world with Anna Wise as the Instructor. This was the third to last year that Anna taught.

Apprentiship with to Anna Wise – Anna Wise Center - Awakened Mind Brainwave Training – Berkeley, CA Write a catchy title...

September 01, 2008

I love to learn from the very best! and Anna Wise was the Best!! Thank you Anna!

Certified as an Awakened Mind™ Meditation and Brainwave Teacher Trainer and Practitioner by The Anna Wise Center. 

Anna Wise was the world’s leading authority on The Awakened Mind™ and EEG. She was author of ‘Awakening the Mind: A Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Brainwaves‘ (Tarcher Putnam 2002) and ‘The High Performance Mind – Mastering Brainwaves for Insight, Healing, and Creativity‘ (Tarcher Putnam 1995, 2nd. edition 2004).

Esalen Institute - Big Sur, CA – Workshop Leader - 5 Day Awakened Mind Workshop

February 15, 2009

Awakened Mind Brainwave Training.: Program created by Anna Wise. Lead with Barb Kilhorn.

Combines the ancient art of guided mediation with the latest in technology in brainwaves and biofeedback. Guided meditations designed work with beta, alpha, theta, delta and the awakened mind.

Home Based Wilderness Therapy - Moved to Sunshine Canyon - Boulder, CO

August 11, 2010

The best things in life are better than we can plan. With that said, I love my Urban Denver too. There is something extraordinary for me about holding the energy of both spaces at once.

Recorded Guided Mediation CD

May 11, 2012

Learned that I love recording in studio! Thank you to Andrew, Paul & Rocky Mountain Recording Studios.

Made My First Guided Mediation CD, produced with Lisa Guyman

November 01, 2012

Co-Created "Journey Into Mediation" with Lisa Guyman, Rieke Teacher Trainer.


Rocky Mountain Dental Convention (Denver) – -A Guided Meditation Workshop- How to Meditate Easily, Anywhere, Anytime.

October 17, 2013

How to Meditate Easily and Successfully

-A Guided Meditation Workshop-

Facilitated by James Ripley and Lisa Guyman

With co-speaker, Lisa Guyman, renamed "How to Meditate Easily, Anytime, Anywhere!" in the main presentation hall 100- 200 in attendance. This presentation was created in large part to create very practical steps for anyone to easily have a direct experience of meditation, and to create a mindset of a sustainable daily practice!

What would need to happen for the average individual who knew little about meditation, 

to begin to meditate?  or to have meditative experiences daily?

What we discovered was surprisingly simple...

1) Find out what would naturally engage an individual to close their eyes and sit still.

2) Support conditions so each person would have a good experience of themselves. :-)

Wanderlust Festival - Eagle, Colorado - Presenter - Yoga Convention

July 01, 2013

Engaging in a consciousness driven, health and wellness oriented group of creative & amazing people! And I got to see one of my favorite artist Moby!


Leading Guided Meditations with Q&A with Lisa Guyman on Meditation, Guided Meditation & Brainwave/Biofeedback Theory.

Hosting Reiki Workshop run by Lisa Guyman and Group

January 03, 2015

Guided Meditation Workshop - Pilot

April 29, 2017

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