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Journey into Meditation-CD  2012

"Relaxation for Deep Sleep"

A Single Track for Falling-A-Sleep & your first step to meditating


Enjoy 12 minutes of guided meditation followed by this profoundly relaxing binuaral beat music for a deeply restful and impactful sleep.

When a good night sleep is what you need  more than anything!

Then its time to " let go to get there!  "

Fall-A-Sleep more easily,

Relax into deep sleep,

& Awake Energized to New Insights

Getting a good night sleep can be as complex as the many different reasons for chronic sleepless nights.

If sleeping well is important to you, then the first step may be discovering your blue print  to falling-asleep well. while  allowing the restful energy to support your intentions.

This Goodnite Guru TM series of guided  meditations and binuaral beat music is designed to address just that.

This first step in relaxing and falling asleep mirrors how we allow the energy of meditation to benefit our lives as well; if we do so intentionally.  We also begin to allow space for powerful meditation moments to arise naturally throughout the day....all by discovering how you fall-a-sleep well.

Do you feel your too tired to meditate or

just don't have the time?

Delta-one track - "Goodnite Guru TM" - Relaxation for Deep Sleep - NEW!

Alpha-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Alpha - coming soon.

Theta-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Theta - coming soon.

Delta-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Delta -- coming soon.

How I discovered meditation by napping (audio link)

Nap to Meditation - How I discovered meditation - Unknown Artist
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