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Journey into Meditation-CD  2012

"Relaxation for Deep Sleep"

A Single Track for Falling-A-Sleep & your first step to meditating


Enjoy 12 minutes of guided meditation followed by this profoundly relaxing binuaral beat music for a deeply restful and impactful sleep.

Fall-A-Sleep more easily,

Relax into deep sleep,

& Awake Energized to New Insights

This first step in relaxing and falling asleep mirrors how we allow the energy of meditation to benefit our lives as well; if we do so intentionally.  We also begin to allow space for powerful meditation moments to arise naturally throughout the day....all by discovering how you fall-a-sleep well.

Do you feel your too tired to meditate or

just don't have the time?

Delta-one track - "Goodnite Guru " - Relaxation for Deep Sleep - NEW!

(pre order for release date Nov 11th 2017)

Alpha-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Alpha - coming soon.

(pre order for release date Jan 1st 2018)

Theta-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Theta - coming soon.

Delta-one track - "Goodnite Guru" - Delta -- coming soon.

How I discovered meditation by napping (audio link)

Nap to Meditation - How I discovered meditation - Unknown Artist
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