November 2017

Guided Meditation Training

Module 1.0

Leading Guided Meditations, with James Ripley,

Healing with Relaxation, Beta, & Alpha

For Mental & Physical Relaxation, increase energy & peace of mind

Saturday, November 11th, 2017

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a powerful tool for healing the body and mind and for connecting the spirit to source energy. It gives you a valuable way as a practitioner to connect safely with your clients and to co-create a space with them to deepen their healing process through profound relaxation, meditation,  and the many benefits.  


Who Is It For?

This course is designed for the wellness practitioners of; reiki, massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy; and for any holistic practitioners who want to integrate the art and practice of guided meditation into their work.


 The Practitioner's Primary learning...

Learn how to lead your clients into guided meditations with a calm, commanding confidence....gently setting the tone with a greater purpose at heart for both you and your clients.


How to use the science of brainwaves for everyone's benefit.

Basic concepts of leading

Voice & Delivery

Grounding the Meditation for greater effectiveness & sustainability

Imagery & Sensualization for healing



This foundational workshop is a practice-intensive designed to give you as much practice and invaluable feedback from participants as you learn the art of giving and receiving guided meditation with other practitioners as well as your instructor, James.


What you will learn and come away with…

In addition, you will learn about the basics of the science and technology of biofeedback/brainwaves (Relaxation, Beta & Alpha)   as it relates to how to best use various types and lengths of guided meditations.


If you’re experienced or just beginning, you will come away

  1. Feeling inspired and confident in leading guided meditations the very next day!

  2. Understanding the basic science of brainwaves & biofeedback behind the guided meditations you give and receive. 

  3. With how to be more effective with the various types and lengths of guided meditation to better fit your clients’ needs.

  4. with an understanding of the Basic concepts, voice and presentation, & the use of music.

  5. Ready to integrate guided meditation as an essential part of your therapeutic process.

  6. Ready for Module 2.0 - The Basics: Leading Guided Meditations & Visualizations: For Alpha & Theta

The Clients Primary Benefit?

People want to feel and experience what it’s like to truly relax and feel calm in their body,… feel peace as they are. To Just Be.

To know and feel this in their body, to be aware of what it’s like to be in parasympathetic dominance, is very different than conceptualizing it.


I hope to see you there!!   ~ James

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