Private Immersion 


 How I Help My Clients!


I help them...

Know what they want!


Let Go to Get There!


Private Immersion - The Process

The first part of the process is to clarify what the client would like to have happen? and how guided mediation can help them.

The second part is to facilitate the client in building awareness around how to create a safe personal space for themselves during the appointment in relation to their immediate environment and how this relates to their inner space.

The third part is allowing deep relaxation....the kind of relaxation where you can truly "let go inside."

The fourth part is to allow the power and force of this deep relaxation to more fully support the your intention, or what emerges from it that is most meaningful to you.

Whether its profound clarity, or a new sense of being that allows you to more fully embody your intention;  its the closest thing I know to magic in freeing you up to be you and inspire you toward your next step.
































Know what you want.

Let go to get there.


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